The Pilates Pier at The Yoga Harbor

The Pilates Pier at The Yoga Harbor

A harbor is a place to find shelter, often protected from rough water by piers. Piers are the structural supports that withstand impact. Similarly, a yoga practice is a safe haven to recharge, and a Pilates practice builds structural support around that practice. Led by renown teacher Keary Ann Bixby, these 20 classes seamlessly complement your yoga practice, incorporating the energy of yoga with the physical work for which Pilates is known.

The Pilates Pier at The Yoga Harbor
  • 6-Minute Pilates Stretch with Keary

    Need a quick reboot? Feeling stuck? Tight all over? This 6 min stretching sequence is great for morning, midday, or even before bed.

  • 16-Minute Foam Roller Release with Keary

    During this 16 min video you will release tension, alleviate inflammation, and/or create a better range of motion in your joints with these foam roller moves!

  • 14-Minute "Core Fix" Mat Pilates with Keary Ann Bixby

    This 14-minute mat Pilates session will get you warmed up and moving. Add extra repetitions to advance the workout and/or repeat it for a longer class. Feel free to add hand weights or ankle weights as well!

  • 20-Minute "Back to Basics" with Keary

    This 22 min fundamental review is perfect for those who want to get a bit more out of their current online fitness. These basic adjustments will help you in both your Pilates mat classes as well as all other online or group class movement. You might find a lot more description and verbiage but co...

  • 26-minute Pilates-ish Practice: Lunges with Keary

    Everyone loves a little lunge work! Check out this 26 min Pilates-ish movement session geared towards static exercise in the legs and more dynamic movement in the hips, trunk, and shoulders. Advance with hand weights during the core and lunge work.

  • 23-minute Pilates-ish Practice - Opening Your Trunk with Keary

    This 23 min video puts a huge emphasis on upper torso & ribcage mobility. If you suffer from a tight upper back and neck this workout will help tremendously. Please note: if you are really tight, take your time during the movement and don't push to the end range of the exercise. Also, taking ...

  • 33-Minute Pilates-ish with Keary - Total Body Program

    A well rounded, total body program with both extension and lateral movement that will make your body smile. Just over 30 min, this video won't need props, but l cue when you can use them in case you do have props by your side. Also, I forgot to frame for the ending leg work... but you can see eve...

  • 35-Minute Pilates with Keary - Glutes, Legs, & Hips

    Enjoy more glute/leg work and hip opening in this 35 min class. Using small weights will add another level of fun to this Pilates movement class.

  • 35-Minute Pilates with Keary - Pilates Balance

    This 35 min mat Pilates class is prop free! Enjoy the extensive core work, balance, and planking guaranteed to get your heart rate up and warm the body.

  • 36-Minute Pialtes with Keary - Total Body with Ball

    This 36 min video is total body! Use the mini exercise ball to gain more access to the inner thighs and deep abdominals. Don't have a mini ball, try a slightly deflated volleyball or any kids ball laying around the house or garage.

  • 36-Minute Pilates-ish with Keary - Reformer on the Mat

    Grab your exercise band for this 36 min movement video. You may also advance with ankle weights if you have them, but they are not necessary! Enjoy!

  • 40-Minute Mat Pilates with Keary - Theraband

    This exercise band infused 40 min mat Pilates class will give you that arm and upper back/shoulder work you've been looking for in your movement sessions. Grab your mini ball, theraband, and meet me on the mat!

  • 40-Minute Pilates Mat Class with Keary

    Starting with a bath towel to open up the hips and low back, we quickly move to create plenty of heat in this 40 min class. Grab hand weights and a bath towel!

  • 40-Minute Pilates-ish with Keary - Hip & Shoulder Mobility

    This 40 min mat session brought out all kinds of creativity with the loop exercise band. There is plenty of hip abduction and shoulder mobility in this full body program. No band, no problem. Plenty available for those with just a mat on hand. Enjoy!

  • 60-Minute Introduction to Pilates Principles with Keary - Session 1

    Join Keary for this interactive class recording as she introduces the fundamental principles of Pilates.

  • 30-Minute Pilates with Keary - Stregth & Stretch

    Let's strengthen AND stretch. If you're in need of a quick 30 min movement session packed with plenty of toning exercises and a complete total body stretch, this is the class for you!

  • 30-Minute Pilates-ish with Keary - Standing Leg Work

    I'm taking the Pilates reformer standing leg work to the floor. This 30 min video offers cardio by sliding the feet across the floor during the exercises. Grab your hand/ankle weights to advance the moves in this class. If you are looking for more stability, practice next to the couch, table, or ...

  • 50-Minute Pilates Mat Class with Keary

    50 min total body program. Period. P.S. Grab hand weights and a bath towel!

  • Intro to Pilates with Keary - Session 2, FLOW

    In second of our 4-week series introducing the principles of Pilates, Keary breaks down the concept of FLOW. She'll give you plenty of cues to help you understand how to marry your breath to movement in the Pilates practice.

  • Principles of Pilates with Keary - Week 3

  • Principles of Pilates with Keary - Precision

    Grab a 2 pound hand weight and bath towel to explore the concept of precision in your Pilates practice.