MOVE with Bethany: Wellness Beyond Weight Loss

MOVE with Bethany: Wellness Beyond Weight Loss

Do you have a movement practice? Do you know what that means? Outside of any weight goals, I want you to feel comfortable moving your body in ways that feel good, challenge you, increase your strength, promote your mobility, and enhance your life.

I want this for you so much, I'm offering it for whatever price you decide to pay.

MOVE with Bethany: Wellness Beyond Weight Loss
  • 45-Minute MOVE with Bethany

  • 45-Minute MOVE with Bethany 7/10

    This class recorded July 10 is in the signature MOVE format: breath work, flow, and alternating upper and lower body strength and mobility drills.

  • 30-Minute MOVE with Bethany

    Bethany incorporates a combination of movements from Pilates, HIIT, yoga and plyometrics to deliver a feel-good movement class. No matter your fitness level, you will find options and modifications to make this class work for your body. All you need is a space as large as a yoga mat.

  • 30-Minute MOVE with Bethany - 7/22

    This flow class takes you through mobility and movement to care for your joints, build functional strength, and break a little sweat.

  • 35-Minute MOVE class with Bethany - Back Body Work

    Join Bethany for this movement-rich, touch-of-sweat practice to get you up and into your day. This class includes a wide range of lunges and squats, and it particularly focuses on the back of your body.

  • 40-Minute MOVE with Bethany - 7/28

    Join Bethany for this full movement class, getting you into functional strength and mobility. Get sweaty and MOVE.

  • 10-Minute Universal Warm Up

    Use this simple movement practice before any workout. You'll warm up major muscle groups & joints, get your blood moving, and get out of a funk. (Also good all by itself!)

  • 30-Minute MOVE with Bethany, Hip and Shoulder Strength

    Join Bethany for this strong, yoga-based flow, tuning into your breath and challenging yourself in an approachable way.

  • 30-Minute Monday MOVE with Bethany, Start Your Day with Energy

    Join Bethany for this quickie class to get your body moving first thing in the day (or week, or month, or afternoon, or whenever!). This class is designed to connect you with breath and wake up the major muscle groups through yoga-inspired movements so you can proceed through your day intentionally.