• The Yoga Harbor at Home

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    If you're here, it's likely because you need a better habit. Welcome to the best habit you can set for your year. We specialize in restorative movement for women who need more rest.

    We upload 5+ recorded classes each week, filmed with our roster of warm and wonderful teachers. You will also find...

  • 30-Days of Presence

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    For me, it's the mental load that becomes overwhelming. I can do the things, but planning the things is too much. So I planned these things for you.

    For 30 days, you will have an exact program. It includes movement practices you can do in under 40 minutes, relaxation practices, mobility drills,...

  • MOVE with Bethany: Wellness Beyond Weight Loss

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    Do you have a movement practice? Do you know what that means? Outside of any weight goals, I want you to feel comfortable moving your body in ways that feel good, challenge you, increase your strength, promote your mobility, and enhance your life.

    I want this for you so much, I'm offering it fo...

  • Wellness and the (Virtual) Workplace

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    Just when we thought the modern workplace couldn't get any worse for our bodies, we entered the virtual workplace. Limited social contact, lack of time outdoors, a blurred work / life boundary, and too many video calls leave our bodies and minds feeling void at the end of the day. This series hel...

  • The Pilates Pier at The Yoga Harbor

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    A harbor is a place to find shelter, often protected from rough water by piers. Piers are the structural supports that withstand impact. Similarly, a yoga practice is a safe haven to recharge, and a Pilates practice builds structural support around that practice. Led by renown teacher Keary Ann ...