Wellness and the (Virtual) Workplace

Wellness and the (Virtual) Workplace

Just when we thought the modern workplace couldn't get any worse for our bodies, we entered the virtual workplace. Limited social contact, lack of time outdoors, a blurred work / life boundary, and too many video calls leave our bodies and minds feeling void at the end of the day. This series helps you claim your health as part of your new work from home reality.

Wellness and the (Virtual) Workplace
  • 30-Minute "Work From Home" Yoga Sequence - Upper Body

    Grab a yoga strap and join Bethany for this simple, 30-minute yoga program to help alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort in the middle of your work day. This class is suitable for all fitness levels, offering modifications and options depending on your comfort level.

  • 30-Minute "Work From Home" Yoga Sequence - Lower Body / Hips / Low Back

    Join Bethany for this approachable 30 minutes that will help create fluidity and comfort in your major joints, reducing any pain you may feel from your work day.

  • 30-Minutes of Self-Care

    This is a simple, restful practice of self-care to down regulate your stress. It focuses on releasing tension in the upper body for those working from home. Enjoy twists and side-body release. There is a touch of feedback on the microphone, so I recommend playing some of your favorite music. You ...

  • 30-Minute Self-Care Yoga Practice

    Join me for this simple, accessible, restful practice to heal your body from stress.

  • Work from Home Yoga Postures

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